Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wisdom of Solomon

Chickens have been making a takeover bid for my back yard, which is fine by me. I like to watch them scratch about, during the odd interlude in the fast paced, high pressure clerical lifestyle.

I was doing just that when DWN (Dog War Neighbor) knocked on the fence and asked if he could have a talk. DWN, who is a disabled vet and writes patriotic letters for me to give to George Bush - he's convinced I know him - wanted some advice. 

He used to have a small pick up truck in his drive, which a young NDW (ne'er do well) wanted to buy. DWN said "$1000", NDW offered $800. DWN accepted and NDW paid $700, on the spot, with a 'verbal' to pay the balance in two weeks.

DWN then took a working battery from his van and put it in the pick up to show NDW that the vehicle worked. NDW promptly got in the truck and drove off, with the battery, leaving DWN down one battery and owed $100. 

No title had changed hands and the pick up was still insured in DWN's name, which brings us to the present. A month after the 'deal', NDW still hadn't paid the balance and DWN was worried, on two scores.

Most importantly, for him, was the principle of the thing. If NDW was allowed to get away with casually walking off with other people's $100 he'd never learn responsibility in life. Secondly, the truck was still insured in DWN's name and he didn't want to be liable when NDW crashed the vehicle.

DWN was perplexed. He had prayed about it pretty hard and been to the police, who told him that repossessing the truck over a paltry $100 was kind of mean; DWN thought so too, but principle mattered. So he had taken the key to the truck (it was in the ignition) and the battery and left the vehicle outside NDW's house.

"Now pastor," said DWN, "what should I do?"

In the spirit of Solomon, I gave him two choices. He could keep the key with the proviso that NDW could have it back when he paid the outstanding money, at which point he'd get the truck and the title. Or, far better choice, DWN could give NDW his money back and repossess the truck.

The problem with 'option 1' is that lack of a key isn't going to stop NDW from driving the truck...

There's a moral in this, somewhere.

It's all going on in the countryside, I tell you.



Julie Culshaw said...

Can he not cancel his insurance on the vehicle? then NDW will be driving uninsured and he will incur whatever damages on his own account.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Before we resort to Option .303 maybe option 3 is worthy of some consideration.

Take the truck back, and leave a note.
I hope you enjoyed renting my truck as much as I enjoyed your $700. I do feel a bit guilty charging you so much for rental so I'd like to offer you the truck for $100 and a battery.


LSP said...

Good call, Julie.

DWN considered the option but didn't want to go down that route because he still had the vehicle's title. So he was afraid he'd be responsible for any vehicular mischief that NDW got up to...

Still, definitely an option.

LSP said...

Ah hah!

Solomon has spoken through Bushwacker. Next stop? A piece of Prime Matter in the crown - powerful.

A top option. But I'm afraid it might be a little cerebral for DWN and NDW.

Then again, maybe not. NDW could always 'work off' the ton... I'll suggest it.