Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monsignor Stetson

Keen eyed observers of the current state of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the U.S. might think that this post is all about the Pastoral Provision. But no, it's just about my new hat, which I bought from Cavenders. It's a Larry Mahan, the horsehair band and "stampede string" are extras.

Some kind of sad pose? Not really, I usually wear a ball cap to ride in and that's fine but doesn't give a lot of protection from the blistering sun. The straw hat, with its wide brim, solves that dilemma. I've promised one to the Fact Compiler.

The Pastoral Provision solved the dilemma of married Anglican priests who wanted to become Roman Catholic Priests. Now that the Ordinariates are being set up I suppose the PP looks set for redundancy, but maybe not. Time will tell.

Stay on the horse,


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