Monday, November 21, 2011

Saddle Horn

The MC (Master of Ceremonies) at one of the Missions is a former bronc star. He won the world championship back in the '80s as pictured above.

He thinks me an "unlikely rider" and is concerned for my safety. The conversation after yesterday's Mass went something like this:

LSP: Off for a ride.
MC: Well you be careful.
LSP: Not to worry, if the going gets brisk I'll just hold on to the pommel thingy.
MC: Saddle Horn.
LSP: Ah yes! "Saddle Horn."

With that in mind, I had the Sunday afternoon fun of riding a well trained Arabian out by Waco with a group of parishioners. Fairly flew along, fast and flat over the fields, Western style. Didn't need the curious horn thing.

I want this saddle...
I love riding.

Stay in the saddle and, if you must, hold onto it - far better than bouncing off the ground, I always think.



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Third News said...

In honor of Putin's example of 'real man' sportsmanship,and his beauty pageantish sincerity in forwarding 'world peace', you need to tell the world championship that you've decided to no longer ride sellate.

Though I wouldn't advise combining bareback with a shirtless pastor, but then again, thereafter, sitting on your porch would hardly make the town quidnunc gazette