Friday, November 18, 2011

Mariann Budde

This is the new leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC (EDOW), Mariann Budde. Her husband read a poem at the worship service which promoted her. Here's a bit, from Coleman's Bed by David Whyte:

Ghost then, to where others
in this place have come before,
under the hazel, by the ruined chapel,
below the cave where Coleman slept,
become the source that makes
the river flow, and then the sea

What does it mean? That The Episcopal Church is a ruin inhabited by ghosts who possess dozing cave dwelling congregants, before drowning them in the sea? 

The Church of England has voted overwhelmingly in favour of wimmin bishops.

Good luck with that.



Borepatch said...

If you're writing blank verse, you need to throw in a mention of obscure Roman dieties (like Heliogabalas) or some such.

Come on, people. Standards.

LSP said...

Very true, Borepatch. Interesting to note how classical antiquity and the .303 go hand in hand...

As for Budde & Co? Beyond parody.

Liz A said...

Be afraid, be very afraid.

What more can we say?

LSP said...

She is right scary, Liz A.