Sunday, July 1, 2018

Do Not Buy Republican!

It's far too hot to think or even write but sometimes a picture's worth a thousand words.

RESIST Do not buy Republican!

Buy only at Democrat shops!

Republicans are Forbidden.

Some call Sabo a genius and you can download these helpful posters at While you're at it, bets are on for the midterms and the fighting monkey's pounding the Compound's bone dry, compact earth with his makeshift club.

He predicts MAGA.

Happy Canada Day,



LL said...

I think that it's a splendid idea for Democrats only to sell to their own. Maybe some sort of unique hot metal brand that melts the skin - maybe a picture of Hillary or Carp Mouth Maxine Waters - to show that you are a Democrat. You could also brand an ass into their flesh, because that's very telling, isn't it?

Jim said...

While I'm an independent and vote for whomever I please, I do tend towards the GOP side as I find them to be less insane than the donkeys. I do like the idea of posting signs on their businesses. I'd better know whom to not give my money.