Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump Dumps Paris

The Globalist New World Order was dealt a smack 'round the chops today when President Trump announced he wasn't signing on to the Paris Climate Accord. "Pittsburgh not Paris," was Trump's motto and he has a point.

Why should America shut down and impose higher costs on its industry so that China and India, for example, can gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace? Or to put it another way, why should America redistribute its income to the developing world?

Because if we don't, it's argued, the ice caps will melt and everyone will die in a smog-ridden, polluted dystopia that makes Soylent Green attractive. The only problem with this compelling logic is that it's completely wrong.

Leaving aside the not-so-settled science of Global Warming, sorry, Climate Change, the Paris Accord allows emergent industrial powers such as India and China to go on polluting. To put it more bluntly, Paris lets the world's biggest polluters to pollute yet more still while far cleaner America, in particular, is penalized. And even if the Accord was fully adopted, the climate would change by an inconsequential degree, some 0.2 of a degree Celsius.

A Rich Lying NWO Illuminati Globalist

This means that the weather part of the Accord, its argument, its fakey raison d'etre isn't true, it's a lie and a brazen one at that. If it wasn't, the Accord would actually do something about global pollution and it doesn't. But it does do something else, it proposes regulation on American industry that either forces it to shut, such as coal, or puts it at a disadvantage vis-a-vis countries like China.

So what does the phony climate treaty actually achieve and who gains?

Typical Parisian Street Scene

Not the Weather, that still gets polluted by China and India to hell and back. Not the American worker, he gets to go on welfare when his coal mine's shut down to save a non-existent drowning Polar Bear and his steel mill's been relocated to the Asian Sub-Continent.

On the other hand, the unelected weather bureaucracy and the administrators of green climate funds do rather well. Nice money if you can make it. So do governments who are desperate to find an excuse for a new tax; look no further than the Weather! Then there's our transnational and stratospherically wealthy friends in the New World Order.

Do they gain from an America whose manufacturing base has been removed to countries with minimal slave labor costs and, by the way, equally minimal Parisian regulation when it comes to pollution? 

The Dalek

Here's a picture of Houston's Dalek to help you reflect on this difficult but important question. And while you're at it, consider Barack Obama's legacy and why he felt it necessary to exterminate so many American jobs.

Stand by the JAMS.




Jules said...

I was going to say, not even smog can stop the Dalek.

LSP said...

Juliette, the Dalek is all powerful.

LL said...

President Trump wants to MAGA. However you know that I was hoping to redistribute my personal wealth to the developing world and saving the planet at the same time. Then there was my heartfelt wish that all I own would be granted to illegal aliens in California. BUT - That train has left the station.

The cotton picker who used to occupy the White House subverted the United States, but he was a post-American president, and the progressives and their lying, elitist mainstream media shills loved him.

Brig said...

Finally a president that does what he says he's going to do! MAGA

LindaG said...

Where is Doctor Who when we need him?

I am glad the Paris Accord was dropped. Of course all of us white privilege people have consigned the world to a global catastrophe of flooding and who knows what else, because we agree with the President.

Never mind that we are not God and that the Earth's temperatures have been hotter in the past.

You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

LSP said...

LL, the lying, corrupt, elite, smug media are upset at this latest development. Obama's legacy proves transitory.

LSP said...

MAGA, Brig!

LSP said...

But Linda, it's settled science.