Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Tale Of Two Nothings

It's been wild, it's been a white-knuckle, thrill-powered ride of Cold War brinksmanship unparalleled since the hunt for Red October itself. Yes, we're talking about Putin, head of SPECTRE and KAOS overthrowing our great democracy through the agency of his spy, Trump, and his satrap lackey, Sessions. 

Espionage subversion on a par with the Bourne Supremacy that overthrew our rightful ruler, Hillary, in her bid for power.

The only problem with this tissue of lies that's been peddled by our lying, mendacious, corrupt, elite, venal mainstream media and their Democrat masters is that there isn't any proof. Not a shred of evidence.

You're Fired

Onetime FBI supremo, Comey, was going to blow the lid off of the vile conspiracy with his damning testimony. And... he didn't, except to say that he'd told the infamous Russian spy, Trump, that he wasn't under investigation. On three occasions, no less.

Perfidious Putinite 

Then there's the perfidious Sessions, who testified today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Surely the keen-eyed lawmakers on the investigating panel, such as John McCain, would unmask Putin's diminutive puppet.

No. Didn't happen. Nothing. No evidence for the Kremlin's epic success in bringing down Hillary's ill-fated campaign through hacking DNC emails and revealing the corrupt workings of The Party to the public via Wikileaks.

Here in the Compound's fast-paced, high-energy newsroom we're disappointed. We were hoping for a story  and all we got was a tale of two nothings, yet more testimony revealing exactly nothing about Trump's collusion with the evil Kremlin.

Maybe that's because there wasn't any.

Stand by the JAMS.



Jules said...

What utter nonsense. It leaves one quite discombobulated.

Mattexian said...

Putin loves cuddling puppies, Barry loves eating them... no contest who has my admiration and respect. As I've said before, Putin is a proper statesman, putting his nation's interests first, which I think applies to Trump also, whereas Hillary would've continued Barry's style of internationalism.

LL said...

venal mainstream media and their Democrat masters is that there isn't any proof. Not a shred of evidence.

Ah, but you lack the conspirator's mind. Its that very absence of any proof of any sort that is CONCLUSIVE PROOF that it happened. Just listen to the Democrat Senators grill AG Sessions. That's what they're saying and that very lack of proof is proof all on it's own. (where's the guillotine?)

LSP said...

I'm baffled, Juliette, where's the evidence? It's very discombobulating.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, LL. Russia's spyring is SO ADVANCED that if there was any evidence we'd know they weren't behind it. There isn't proof, so they must have done it. QED.

LSP said...

Mattexian, are you sure you're not an agent of the Kremlin?

Anonymous said...

Putin may indeed be getting a bad rap on the meddling charges. But isn't locking up his political opposition a bit uncalled for?

Mattexian said...

If I could join their Bear Cavalry, I'd bring my own AK and SKS! Failing that, I'll accept appointment as the first ambassador from the Republic of Texas to Moscow. ;)

Miss Hill said...

Boring! As you often say...Nobody cares. Get back to work, folks, and who is paying for all of these billable legal hours?

LSP said...

Anonymous, Putin is known for his kindness.

LSP said...

Mattexian, you deserve that appointment!

LSP said...

That, Miss Hill, is a very good point.