Friday, June 17, 2016

Satanists Team Up With Abortion Giant

In a shocking move that surprised no one, the Satanic Temple is putting its infernal might behind baby parts seller and abortion industry giant, Planned Parenthood. 

You can read all about it here and if you do, note how certain members of the legal profession were batting for the worshipers of the Horned God.

Hillary Clinton is an avid fan of Planned Parenthood. There is no direct evidence linking her to the Satanic Temple, yet.



LL said...

The presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party must remain the champion of infanticide because it's a pillar of her personal belief and of all who would devalue human beings.

You see, if there is no God, how could slaughtering infants be anything but profitable (the demand for baby parts being what it is)? Some of that profit should leach its way into the coffers of the Clinton foundation since they've taken money from every other bloodthirsty entity on the planet.

Makes sense. Carry on with your mission Hillary. The High Priests of Baal salute you and your success.

Adrienne said...

They just don't quit, do they? How can there be anyone who doesn't find this disturbing. Oh, snap. It's the same people that think slaughtering millions of babies in the womb is A-okay. I find it sickening.

LSP said...

LL, I'd say for Baal, read Moloch, but it's the same thing and why do they hate life so much? Serious question.

LSP said...

I do too, Adrienne. There'll be a reckoning.