Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Back in the day, I used to look out across the Detroit river on Independence Day, watch the fireworks, then listen to the running gun battles breaking out across the Motor(way) City; all from the safety of an apartment in Windsor. The next day you could read all about it, "In a brisk firefight outside the Bastille Bar and Grille, five midnight revelers were killed when assailants opened fire with AK 47s and Uzis. Another seven bystanders were wounded in the ensuing exchange of shots.A further unspecified number of persons were admitted to hospital throughout the night, suffering from gunshot wounds. These are mostly believed to have been caused by the 4th of July custom of discharging firearms into the air..." etc.

Perhaps you think I'm somehow "making that up"? Well, think again.

Whatever the case, have a blessed Independence Day and don't get into any tomfoolery with guns.




darlin said...

Happy Independence Day LSP.

My hopes are that people have learned from past errors in the name of celebration and we're not reading about more needless deaths in tomorrows papers. On that happy note... have a wonderful day.

God bless.

The Conservative Lady said...

Happy Independence Day! God Bless America!

All Seeing Eye said...

Happy Independence Day LSP.

I'd guess that 'tomfoolery' with guns is largely defined by which end of the thing you're at!

Silverfiddle said...

Stupidity and guns don't mix. Unfortunately, the ganstas end up killing innocent people more often than they do each other.

Happy Independence Day, Parson!

GrouchyFogie said...

Back to you my friend, thanks for this tribute to America. Happy holiday.

LSP said...

Hope you all had a great day!

Darlin - I fear that the Detroiters maybe past teaching...

Thank you CL! God bless America.

ASE - very good definition point. Stay o the right side of the barrel!

The gangstas seem to take stupidity to ever greater heights, Silverfiddle. God bless.

Ah, GF; glad you liked my tribute. Fortunately the Motorway City isn't too representative... Cheers.

tom said...

Speaking of guns and independence day in the Lone Star State, this film would definitely not have footage of my friend who's a fine AR/M-16 mechanic dumping a couple mags...Leona, Texas sure is one fine woman, ain't she?