Saturday, March 2, 2024

All The Colors Of The Canadian Rainbow


Justine Trudeau's beloved Rainbow Coalition ruling party is sending several million Loonies to beleaguered Ukraine to help with the war effort. Have a look:

Is ACoC running this program?

$4 million for gender-transformative mine action. What does that even mean, that EOD training will make you a tranny and the Russkies will lose the war because all their oppressively heteronormative Zemledeliye operators will die laughing?

A typical Cis-Gender Zemledeliye mine laying system

Help me out here, I'm lost,



LL said...

(Shaking my head with a certain degree of wry humor at your naive take on things) You running dog lackeys of the patriarchy and that of the Bourgeoisie don't comprehend that once women are turned into men and men are turned into women that Gia will be satisfied, rainbows will arc the sky, butterflies will turn into actual non-flying butter for bread and the bread will be eaten by unicorns.

Once you get it, you'll be a true Canadian. Embrace your inner Trudeau, wear a rainbow liturgical vestment, and come in for the big win. Burn black candles at mass to affirm that you are one with Tezcatlipoca.

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. I think they meant "gender transformative MIME action", you know, the creepy fellows trying to make you think they're trapped in a glass cage. Makes about as much sense as whatever ole Loonie Tunes Trudie wants.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Might work. Didn't Iran use children to clear mine fields when they went to war with Iraq?

Mike_C said...

That’s a joke, right? Some wag altered the text? PLEASE tell me this was a gag.

As to the first part: Curtailing trafficking in radiologics sounds good. How about also curtailing the human trafficking/sex slavery and the organ trade? The Ukrainian diaspora situation is tailor made for those evil activities. But I might as well wish for a pony that eats garbage and poops Krugerands. It’s obvious that blue-eyed blonde women and children have more sex-slave value than some wretched Haitian or Congolese child. But UKR organs are almost certainly preferable also. Much more likely to have good HLA matches to the likely recipients than Africans.

LSP said...

Dammit, LL, I try to understand, I really do, but you've cleared everything up.


LSP said...

Whoa, Tech, that's seriously terrifying.

LSP said...

Now that's a very interesting point, WSF. Practical.

LSP said...

Mike, I'd like to think some /pol autist cooked it up but apparently not.

Then there's the trafficking/organ trade.

Krugerands all 'round.

Anonymous said...

I think it refers to what happens after the mine explodes, transforming the formerly male genitals into a mist.

And here’s a fact that’ll never fail ya,
Barbie ‘n Ken have no genitalia.


LSP said...

Whoa, Anon, are you saying that Barbie and Ken are... EOD? Huh, I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense.

See you at the In & Out.