Friday, April 16, 2021

Dog's in Space


Will everyone's favorite Shiba continue to soar today, go sideways, or turn around and run back home? Who knows, it's pretty crazy out there, in space. Stay tuned.

To the Moon,



LL said...

With the success of DOGE coin, dogs should be able to self-fund their rides into space. (That's only speculation on my part)

I was wondering when the Space Force would begin to incorporate K-9's. You post answered that question.

LSP said...

Yes, LL, but good speculation. As Blue becomes self-financing, I look forward to him taking up his fair share of the Compound's expenses. He's been living on hand outs for far too long. Let's see if the pup breaks out into .40... .50... .60... or the reverse.

Glad you liked the Space Force K-9 promovid.