Monday, March 29, 2021

Juke Box Monday


Shoot some pool, fire off a few darts, have a pint or several and spin some tunes on the juke. Yes, it's Jukebox Monday and here's Juliette's choice, Copperhead Road. Great choice.

Infidel takes us to a contemplative space, with Stella Blue. Let's hear it for the Dead:

RHT recommends Stevie boy.

And here's some country from Jim.

Me? I just like Thunderstruck, because it's awesome. Check it out:

Rock on,



Jim said...

Copperhead Road is an excellent choice and one I would have placed out there if it hadn't been mentioned by another. There used to be a Copperhead Road in the west ern edge of the county, but people kept stealing the sign so they renamed it Maple Grove. Lame.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Ah stella blue. Saw Jerry do it live once at the Brendan Byrne arena in New Jersey (Clarence clemons was guest saxophonist.)

Jules said...

You’re welcome, Jim!
I probably would have nicked that sign too!

Kid said...

Thunderstruck! Awesome.

Steve Winwood. Long time talent. I think he first appeared with Spencer Davis Group with tunes like I'm A Man and Gimme Some Lovin.

LSP said...

Jules, I'd be tempted too!

LSP said...

Hey, Jim, keep 'em coming.

LSP said...

That's odd, Infidel. I saw the Jerry Garcia band there in the late '80s. Good stuff, though I forget the playlist. I was doing a pastoral placement at St. Mary the Virgin, just off Times Square, at the time. My first visit to Manhattan.

LSP said...

He sure is, Kid. My dad, funnily enough, got to know him and asked Winwood to play the organ at his church in Cheltenham, not too far from SW's Cotswolds studio. He did. Quite a thing.

And I think you're right about the Spencer Davis group -- me? I like his stuff on the Blind Faith album. What a lineup.

Kid said...

Yes sir. Blind Faith and Traffic too. I still play some of that stuff and there is very little from that period I still listen to.