Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Memorial Day Remembrance

Sirens, pounding rain, people driving their rigs off of I35 and up the verge of the highway onto service roads, a car on fire on the median, one pickup flipped over, an Escalade smashed all to hell, a couple of broken sedans, fire trucks, squad cars, mayhem. 

It was like Wiking's retreat to the Oder, but no, this was just the road into Dallas on Memorial Day weekend.

Highway to Hell notwithstanding, we had a good party at Ma LSP's in Dallas. Burgers, hot dogs, patriotic cake and all the rest.  Great fun, and I foolishly stayed up into the early hours talking with the aged P.

The next day dawned high and bright, a whole new world replete with tiny dragons, a Heeler, Glocks, flags, leftover burgers and various chores. It felt good and off we went, Blue Scout and LSP, back to the bucolic haven that is the Compound.

All this in mind, it was the first time since March that I'd been to a party, or even the Metrosprawl itself. What was it like? I'll tell you, way more fearful of the Red Death than anything I'd been used to in the country. 

Company at Ma LSP's house excepted, it's all about these weird little masks, shut shops and rules posted on filling station doors, Wear Your Dorky Mask! That said, no one was, at least at the local QT, and neither were we on Memorial Day, along with everyone else on their porches.

Were people dropping like flies with the plague? No, they were not, and my guess is that they won't any time soon. Unless of course we go to war with China, which changes everything. You might pray that doesn't happen.

In the meanwhile, hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and prayed for all who gave their lives that we can be vaguely free.  Hold that thought, how free are we? 

Free from the State recording all your calls and internet posts? Free to not get microchipped and wear a mask in some kind of dystopian neo-feudalism? Free to say anything that doesn't go against the will and power of your elite, multi-billionaire overlords? Such freedom. And note this, it hates Christianity.

Whatever, respect to those who gave their lives. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

Your Friend,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

The first Memorial Day for me staying home. I did put up the flag. Only three here on our building.

Brig said...

Put out the flag, and said a prayer for those who gave all for our country, and their families. We owe them full measure. God bless and keep them.

LL said...

Having been to the Dallas Compound during a party, I know how they roll there. As I recall, we were entertained by a neighbor being hauled away by the police for some crime or other. It sounds as though the trip down the Highway to Hell was a lot like a trip to Thunderdome.

Jim said...

I worked the range Sunday afternoon. We were pretty busy, at least early on though it slowed down later. Not a single dorky mask. Karen would be horrified.

Adrienne said...

Fired up charcoal on Sunday since rain was expected on Monday (it happened), and grilled some nice tri-tip steaks and brined corn on the cob.

Running errands has become depressing and something to be avoided whenever possible. I finally had some Costco items delivered by my cute UPS guy (mainly coffee) that I can't get at a reasonable price at the grocery store.

I'm so glad you had a good time with your beautiful mother.

Kid said...

Yes, may they rest in peace, and in a way it is good they aren't around to see the 'freedom' they fought and died for.

LSP said...

Well done, WSF, hang out more flags.

We had a good time, Texas seems less affected by this weirdness, somehow. And guess what? Per post, "people aren't dropping like flies." Thank God for that.

LSP said...

Brig, it's the very least we can do.

LSP said...

It really was pretty Mad Max, LL. Ye Gods! I 35's bad enough at the best of times but this was special.

Still, the party was fun, no one got arrested, miraculously.

LSP said...

Jim, I must get some shooting in! Seriously, getting a bit bit rusty here. And yes, no masks at the range.

LSP said...

Tri-tip sounds delicious, Adrienne. Must get on that... and I have to say, there's extra flavor to be had from charcoal. At least I think there is.

As for the Kingdom of the Stupid Mask... well, it makes about as much sense as the stupid arrows they've put on the floor of supermarkets. I ignore them, and so does everyone else in this town. Guess what? No one's died!!!!


LSP said...

I thought about your comment, Kid, for quite a while.

Imagine being 20 in '45 and living, perhaps, to today. What a change.

When I was a kid curate, back in the '80s, I'd ask older parishioners "what was it like?" I know, stupid, but still. One of them answered, "Oh, it was all horses and guns." Another, doubtless an evil commie, said, "We wouldn't have spoken to someone like you."

Quite, Communist, know your place.

Joking aside, respect to the fallen. No small thing.

MattB said...

Hey a green anole lizard!! They can change colors like a chameleon!