Saturday, December 14, 2019

Virginia Gun Ban Buffoon

Check Out The Blackface Buffoon in The Plaid Slacks

As reported by Virtual Mirage the Old Dominion's famous blackface comedian, Governor Northam is all about confiscating Virginians' deadly assault rifles and firearms with the especially lethal "thumbhole stock." Yes, to say nothing of guns with detachable magazines, flash hiders, muzzle breaks, folding stocks and all the rest.


You can't have those, proposes the utterly not racist Northam who isn't a paid shill of multimillionaire presidential candidate Bloomberg. But not to worry Virginians, the same Governor who delights in appalling plaid trousers, partial birth abortion and blackface will let existing deadly assault rifle owners keep their weapons as long as they register them with the police. 

Pink Shirt Buffoon

Some Virginians, make that a lot, aren't too happy about this and promise to disobey Governor Blackface Abortion's new laws. This includes sheriffs and local government who say they'll become 2nd Amendment "sanctuaries." You know, just like those cities which refuse to obey federal immigration law but for guns, not members of MS 13.

By way of response congressman Donald McEachin (D-VA), who's really black unlike his leader, threatened his culturally inappropriate Governor might have to call in the National Guard to enforce the new gun ban.

Killer Buffoon

Major General Timothy P. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia and head of the Dominion's National Guard responded on social media, "We understand and respect the passion people feel for the U.S. Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights. We will not speculate about the possible use of the Virginia National Guard."

OK, don't speculate but we will. You've got another think coming, libs, if you think Virginian soldiers are going to shoot their brothers and sisters for exercising their constitutional right to bear arms. Don't even go there.

Bought And Paid For Buffoon

And as for you, so-called "Northam," you're a risible, two-bit, bought and paid for shill of the globalist New World Order. Yes, weighed in the balance and found wanting. Let's see how your policies play out in the ballot box, much less the fire fight you seem intent on bringing down on your head, baby killing buffoon.

One step closer to balkanization and Civil War? Hope not but surely one more foot over the line into idiocracy. Well done, Democrats.

For CN, Sic Semper Tyrannis,



Adrienne said...

I've started watching that whole Virginia thing very closely. To start with I don't think his stupid bill will pass, but if it does it will be ugly.

Kid said...

This thing might get started in Virginia.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

They made progress even if they back down, for now, on parts. Camels nose in the tent.

LSP said...

Adrienne, the affair's escalated. We have to ask ourselves what Bloomberg gets out of it...

LSP said...

Aye, Kid, it might well.

LSP said...

Good call, WSF. And it's weird theater, no doubt about it, dangerous too.