Monday, December 23, 2019

The Shoot Before Christmas

"Up for a shoot, old chap?" The Private didn't need much prompting and sprang out of bed, eager to show off his skills. "I reckon I'll smoke you on the AR," he quipped in a merry two days before Christmas kind of way. 

"I reckon there'd be something wrong if you didn't," I replied in the famously understated way of irregular cavalry, "But first I have to walk the Blue." The Blue being a dog, obviously.

That done, off we went to the range with a couple of .45s, an AR, a 20 SxS, and a big box of bullets courtesy of; thanks, guys, great result. And what a good day for it, the sun shone, the ground was firm, the air clean in a big Texan sky, and all was well. 

CZ 20

First things first, we set up a silhouette along with a few playing cards and warmed up on the .45s. I kicked off with a Glock 21 and pounded five rounds into an approximation of the X Ring. OK, for a rusty shooter. The kid followed on and did well with a PX4 Storm, the green terr was definitely down. We moved onto playing cards at 10 yards.

Hmmm. Rusty.

I know, nothing outrageously skilled, unless you're out of practice like me, but we put the paper beast back in its box and had plenty of fun to boot. Nice. Then onto the 20 and a box of skeet, which we hurled redneck style into the sky. They mostly got smoked. 

Go Army

Next up? AR, and disaster struck. The battery'd died and the helpful red dot was no more. Good thing the weapon had back up iron sights. We blasted away like good 'uns, mostly against steel plates which swang like fury at the impact of the small but forceful 5.56. 

Did the kid "smoke me on the AR"? No, but I feel he would've if the shoot had gone on much longer and he got the feel of weapon. More training, you see. But what a neat little beast, Hipertouch trigger, Bison barrel and lightweight furniture. Far better, thought the Private, than issue. Such, perhaps, is the value of being irregular.


We finished off with .45s against steel plates and had a blast knocking the adversary about. Boom, off you go. And then it was time to head for home, mission accomplished.

I love shooting, I scorn the DNC. And thanks, CheapAmmo for making the whole day possible. Great result, and your bullets worked too, like fury. Result.

Gun Rights, 


PS. Look, they helped the Compound out so I want to return the favor. Check out CheapAmmo, they support our troops. Good, right?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Reminds me of the time my son, stationed at Dugway Proving grounds, UT, took me shooting along with daughter in law who proceeded to humiliate both of us.

LL said...

You went up against a trained USGOV marksman and held your own. Nothing to be ashamed of.

drjim said...

Well done, Parson, and congrats to the young man.

Hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

Brig said...

A good day shoot'n is a good day indeed.

Jim said...

Looks like the two of you having fun. Never sell an old guy short. There may be a reason he's that age.

Kid said...

Good days are Good days. Lots of fun.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a great day! Merry New Year, Happy Christmas, and all that other stuff... :-)

Borepatch said...

Love steel targets. Looks like you raised a good one.

Merry Christmas, LSP!

LSP said...

I held my own, WSF, though pretty rusty. But per post, he was coming into his own at the end of the shoot and I was starting to flag. Of course age, energy and practice have nothing to do with it. Fluke, obvs. But what a lot of fun to get out and shoot, been a while.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. Big fun was had by all and that was the purpose of the exercise.

LSP said...

And to you, drjim!

LSP said...

Kid, what you say is true.

LSP said...

And all of that, NFO. Don't forget the Kwanza.

LSP said...

He's made the calls and so far it's worked out well, but thanks for the plaudit, Borepatch. Let's pray this encouraging trend continues.

Merry Christmas!