Monday, December 2, 2019

AR Mods

...did you ever think you'd be using the words “narwhal tusk” in regular conversation?  Or thinking of the merits of a narwhal tusk for everyday carry?  Or comparing a narwhal tusk to an AR-15 for ease of concealment?

Here at the Compound we agree, who would have thought that NARWHAL TUSKS would become a tried and true must-have in the anti-Jihad toolbox?

They fit beneath the admirably modular AR15 too, like a grenade launcher or a bayonet, but a lot longer. Useful, right?

Aloha Snackbar,



LL said...

There is a lot that you can do to an AR or an M-4, but the M1 A1 Narwhale tusk is one of the first organic solutions. Thus, it's progressive.

LSP said...

I agree, LL. And yet another useful tool in the war on terror.