Monday, August 19, 2019

Up To Their Old Tricks or Rank Hypocrisy in High Places

Celebrated royal eco-warriors Harry and Meghan are exhausted from their mission to tell you to save the planet. That's why they climbed on another private jet, again, to visit Elton John's rainbow palace in Nice.

Nice if you can have it, which we don't, but not to worry. "Sir" Elton's promised to pay a "carbon tax" to offset the royal couple's expenditure in fossil fuel. Big sigh of relief. 

Thanks, Elton, and behold your new reality, serfs. A transnational elite flying Gulfstream to visit each other while lecturing you, their slaves, to pay up, pay up, and the pay the game. 

Oh, and by the way, don't you dare accuse a jowly old pop star of being anything other than normal. That's be racist, homophobes.

Hey, don't worry, your city might be a hollowed out, asset-stripped wasteland but at least you, the serf, has access to trans toilets. So everything's rainbow alright. Celebrate that, peons, while your betters climb aboard their Gulf Streams.

Halfhearted rant aside, I'm a loyal servant of the Crown, a Monarchist, the Old Service. Can someone please tell these Green Imposterf that privilege comes with responsibility? Otherwise watch out for pitch forks down the Mall. 

And that, friends, is the very least of it,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Being genetically predisposed to off Royalty, I don't care what they do. Just do it quietly.

Jim said...

+1 to WSF. I'm descended from rebels against the crown. I don't care what the royals do, just don't be telling me what to do.

LSP said...

The prob is, WSF, they don't.

LSP said...

And that, JIm, is exactly what these two MillSoc mountebanks are doing.