Friday, August 16, 2019

Regime Change?

Some say we need to sort out Puerto Rico first. Here at the Compound we say, "Whatever, let's have that island."

Nothing Says Green Like A Gulfstream

Speaking of which, the noted millionaire socialist, Illuminati celebrity couple, Prince Harry and Meghn are back from well needed R&R in Ibiza. You know, 'coz nothing says Green like a Gulfstream.

Come A Long Way From The D List

So what? So a lot. How dare these outrageously rich, and by extension powerful people, be such canting, commie, leftist, elite, champagne SJW hypocrites instead of working to make the world a better place. As in leading instead of goofing off to leftist platitude.

Proles Partying in Ibiza, Spot Harry & Megynn

Which they could do, given their cash, influence and standing. But no, all these Illuminati shills are apparently capable of is turning an anointed monarchy into a laughing stock. That, to me, is outrageous.

Go Green On A Gulfstream

Harry, sort it out, or others will for you.

Regime change?



The Night Wind said...

It's long past time that Britain deposed these royal parasites and became a full Republic.

LL said...

LSP, you have a healthy (yet disturbing) disrespect for your betters. I would have thought that the priestly class would have a fawning and possibly also mawkish, love for the Royals.But not you, despite the Divine Right of Kings.

Anonymous said...

Every Royal marriage is strategic. therefore, you must ask yourself: Why would the Windsors marry into Hollywood?

William and Kate have the "heir and spare" and will be King and Queen. Harry and Meghan have the money, they have the public profile and have the life style, but no real power and will never be let any where near it.

They do a useful job in providing endless copy for journalist and take the press attention off William and Kate.

Harry and Meghan are just the court jesters - there to entertain.

LSP said...

I like QEII and Philip, Night Wind. Harry and Markle? Not so much...

LSP said...

LL, "mawkish" is a great word. As in "CNN's mawkish fawning over Hillary was enough to make even the toughest observers reach for their sick bags."

That said, I'm all for the monarchy. Too bad Philip's not young enough to beat some sense into this latest royal malfeasance.

You can imagine LA Markle at the palace.

I must work harder to respect my betters!

LSP said...

That's a very good point, anon. A kind of clownshow?

Kid said...

I've never understood the fascination with 'the Royals'. Oh, the Royals are having a baabeee. So what, so is Dixie Sue down in a trailer park in Alabama. Neither one concerns me.

Excellent point though. Do something with your wealth. At lease people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet try to make the world a better place for some people who maybe suffer from not having polio vaccine or fresh water. You can't spend billions, so do something to contribute.

I certainly would. It would be the most fun work I've ever done.

Mike_C said...

Anon @0212: Harry didn't marry into Hollywood. The purpose of the Markle marriage was to lead us toward the Kalergi vision, namely the abolition of whites through the creation of "the Eurasian-Negroid race of the future". How better for the Globalists to make the point than by grafting an example onto the tree of the British Royal family, even if it is a cadet branch. This did not escape the notice of Princess Michael of Kent, who celebrated this wonderful accomplishment through her choice of jewelry at a Christmas luncheon.

Marriage into Hollywood would have required that Harry marry a daughter (or son, we must keep up with the times) of the "spiritual nobility of Europe". Those who don't know what that means are referred to Kalergi's 1925 book Practical Idealism from which the above quotes are sourced. Suffice it to say that Mel Gibson was made to crawl for noticing who runs Hollywood, even though some crow about it themselves quite openly.

LSP said...

Mike C, I'll wager a fighting monkey Anon's read Kalergi.

Anon, have you?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Royals and Hollywood. If not for them, many "journalists" would be unemployed.

LSP said...

WSF, that's a very good point. I want a column in the Sunday Sport, dammit.

LSP said...

Kid, I'm not against monarchy or people having great sums of money. But using it well? There's the rub.

Kid said...

I lived in England in 1990 for 9 months. At that time there were 4 TV stations, you needed a 'license' to watch TV. The Poll tax was a big deal back then. People on TV saying they had 10 pounds extra per month and now the Gov wanted that too. Imagine even knowing you have 10 extra pounds a month...

On rainy days everyone would rush out with a bucket of soapy water to apply to their cars and let the rains do the rinsing. Even with the exchange rate in mind, people made half as much as Americans and paid twice as much for things like suits. Though it was 2 dollars to the pound then. A small pizza was 18 bucks.

Outside of not using the torture chambers in the castles they haven't changed much in terms of quality of living. The British people were fabulous though. Very happy people for the most part.

Now they've destroyed their country via immigration and will never recover given western vs islamic birth rates.