Thursday, August 8, 2019

English Cathedrals Go Full Clown Big Top

You're probably tired of Furries, the awesome Eva Peron who is not like Stormy Daniels btw, Cossacks, random cooking tips and great art, so let's shift gear. That's right, move it on up to higher things, like the way Church of England cathedrals are going full clown big top.

No kidding, Rochester cathedral's installed a 9 hole crazy golf course in the nave and Norwich cathedral's put a giant Helter-Skelter fairground ride in its "worship space." Why? Mission, of course.

Crazy Golf often involves bridges, you have to putt your ball across all these little bridges, you see, and Rochester cathedral's canon figure Rachel Phillips gets to the heart of it:

So while people are here, having fun and playing crazy golf, they will take the opportunity to reflect on that wider theme of building bridges that they might find that they would like to pray, light a candle. Maybe talk to somebody.

Quite. About what? 

Some think this latest foray into, ahem, mission, crosses the line into blasphemy. I'd agree and suggest that yet again we're confronted by people pretending to be something they don't believe in anyway.

By the way, I have it on good authority that downtown Norwich on a Saturday's like "Hell with the lid off."

Well done, CoE,



Jim said...

I recall when the Episcopalians held dignified services. I'm saddened by this whole business.

LL said...

They also need a steam calliope to make the effect complete. Better than organ music.

What would Jesus say?

Old NFO said...

That is...'strange'... I can understand wanting to bring in more people, but really... sigh

Mike_C said...

This is for real?
I'm not even religious, and it makes me furious.

Anonymous said...

Well, O Great LSP; I had to poke around to see if that first pic was real, or one of your clever tricks. It's real friends. Plenty of interesting commentary can be found.
To an American who knew of The Beatles White album, and Charles Manson, and maybe more than my share of exorcism facts...that name Helter Skelter hit me like a brick. How much lower can they go?
Sorry I can't be more witty, but this one is totally wack.

Anonymous said...

If I may add...Quote from the visionary Anne Emmerich, early 19th century:
"I saw heartrending misery, playing, drinking, gossiping, even courting going on in the church. All sorts of abominations were committed in it; they had even set up a ninepin alley in the middle of it. The priests let things go their way and said Mass very irreverently; only a few of them were still a little intelligent and pious. …"

(Posted by Lepanto Institute)

LSP said...

Jim, me too. And it'd be bad enough if it was just the CoE and associated freak shows but this clownshow stands for something bigger, like what was once Western Civ. Call it a minor anti-sacramental, or something like that.

LSP said...

Steam calliope... LL, this is getting weird. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing.

LSP said...

NFO, sigh's being polite. I like that.

Kid said...

Probably 15 years ago I read that the COE predicted england would be under islamic control in 30. I'd say they are ell on track. England is done. Nothing can save it, they'll be bred out because they like Us, don't have the stones to declare islam illegal.

LSP said...

It's real, Mike. No foolin.

LSP said...

Anon, several things.

1: Excellent Emmerich. She was very holy, I may have to repost.

2: Yes, it does look like a clever trick of the LSP but is, in fact, all too real.

3: Helter Skelter. They're oblivious, not least because they don't believe in objective, supernatural evil. Well it's all a larf until you wake up and a demon's gnawing on your shin.

How much lower can they go? Good question. I keep thinking it's bottomed out only to be surprised at the next devolution. Will they go pedo pagan before they go Moslem, or will they simply cease to be.

That in mind, Satan has a wy of discarding its toys, just look at Hillyre.