Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Beto's A Furry

OK, so you've got three enormous screws in your hip, whaddya do? Hop, literally, into the rig and drive to Dallas. Gotta change it up. The next day, mission accomplished, swing by 7/11 for early morning coffee and donuts. Take pics of the neighborhood while you're at it, such is the marvel of modern technology.

And why not, the old place looks pretty good. Well done Ma LSP for getting a house here back when you could afford them without being some kind of big tech, MillSoc mountebank. 

That in mind, a few months back all these $500k+ bungalows were awash with Beto signs. Remember him, Beto? Confused? Me too, so I reached out to a member of the community for clarification. What is this "Beto?"

"Beto? He's a washed-out has-been that never really was. Like an imaginary faux Mexican sandwich that somebody forgot to make. I was looking forward to Wonderbread but all I got was this ersatz Irish stew faked up as charro beans with hot sauce. And he's a Furry."

Whoa, a Furry?!? What's a Furry? The internet says this:

A furry is a fictional (make-believe) animal character who has human traits, like walking on two legs or talking. People who like this art are also called furries, and together they make up the furry fandom. Another word for furry is anthropomorphic, which means "people-like."

Beto failed to seize control of Texas because no one wanted to vote for a Furry. Now he's pitching at the Presidency. Will his bizarre blend of faux mex meets faux fur meets MillSoc Irish rich boy make it at the polls?

You decide,



Jules said...

Furry Fandom sounds a bit naughty.

I’m surprised that this furry hasn’t been hunted and kept as a trophy!

Anonymous said...

Be fair, he is good at crocodile tears in the face of tragedy. I would of thought that not blubbing in a crisis was a central requirement of being Commander in Chief.

Kid said...

I read he was listed after Colonoscopy on the popularity chart.

Old NFO said...

In a word... NO! :-)

LSP said...

Jules, I'm no expert but I think the furries get up to some pretty nasty tricks behind closed doors.

And yes, far as I know there's no bag limit. Blast away!

LSP said...

That, Anon, is an excellent point.

Who is this "Beto" anyway?

LSP said...

And Kid, this MillSoc superstar failed to make it to the next round.

Biden's more compelling than Beto, apparently.

LSP said...

NFO, we think as one on this issue.

Kid said...

Imagine that Biden is top-o-the list because the dem voters think he has the best chance to beat Trump. Which also means they couldn't care less what Biden might do or not do for America - their focus is getting DJT out. Talk about pathetic.

LL said...

He’s also a failed skateboarder, but he married a very rich heiress, who is also really stupid. Crazy like a furry?