Saturday, July 5, 2014

Westminster Pedophiles

I try to keep this frivolous excuse for a "blog" lighthearted and entertaining. You know the score, Episcopal Church bishops as off-world space creatures, U.S. foreign policy as yet another example of malfunctioning DAARPA android technology, all interspersed with the odd outdoor firearms adventure. But humor aside, what's with Great Britain and the pedos

Cyril Smith Big Satan with the Beast

Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith (MP), Sir Peter Hayman, to name just a few, and now it seems that a dossier containing the names of up to 40 child abusing political figures has been conveniently "lost." It's the stuff of conspiracy theory meets conspiracy fact; just how many of Britain's privileged, wealthy, establishment elite have been and are involved in this disgusting crime. It's obviously far-reaching and goes to the top of that country's society. 

Rolf Harris, Little Satan

The church, horrifically, is no stranger to this evil and Pope Francis has likened it, correctly, to devilry, “A priest who has sex with a child betrays God. A priest needs to lead children to sanctity, and children trust him. But instead he abuses them, and this is terrible. I compare it to a satanic mass.” Well said Francis, and the same applies to any adult, or Member of Parliament.

Rifle Brigade? Hate to say it, No Excuse.

Like the successor of Peter, I smell Satan in this mix, and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a culture which enthusiastically kills its children in the womb shouldn't feel at liberty to abuse them sexually also.

Find that dossier and get rid of them, root and branch.



Brighid said...

No one, No one should be allowed to abuse children. It is evil at it's most vile.

Euripides said...

When we create a permissive society that allows immorality to guide its thoughts and actions, then we can hardly be surprised when evil men find new ways to define their peculiar ideas of permissiveness.

The key, of course, is to speak truth in the face of evil.

jenny said...

Euripides said that well. Evil is never stagnant, never content. It always expands, and I agree with B... at its most vile it preys upon children (or anyone helpless: the unborn, dependent elders, the disabled). It's cruel and horrid to treat any life, at any stage, as a tool or dispensable, but either one holds life as a precious thing or they don't. People get confused when they think they can outwit Evil by drawing arbitrary lines in the sand to define what is moral and what is permissible. Evil will win that battle every time.

LSP said...

I'm afraid this business is very far-reaching -- it'll be interesting to see if anyone's brought to account and how deep the wickedness goes. If it's not consciously satanic it might as well be.

LL said...

As you said, when nations revel in the blood of the unborn and celebrate their demise, the celebration of child abuse would seem to be the next logical step.

The "new morality" is the very same thing as the "old immorality". And the old immorality was based on the Law and the Gospel. There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

the egyptian said...

all is proceeding as Paul the 6th foretold in human veta
"or however you spell it"
birth control leads to abortion to "merciful death" or euthanasia, to total depravity.

And Paul was dismissed as an idiot and a fool, for not understanding that "human decency" would not allow such things
meanwhile in the merry old colony of Australia all is proceeding as planned
Judge says incest may no longer be taboo...