Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Obama World Peace Solution

In a desperate bid to bring about an end to war and quell turbulent unrest in its own backyard, America's top-level Messiah Class Obama 'droid launched a bold new peace initiative in an ornate Kansas theater.

Teeth 3000

Speaking to a disappointingly small crowd of 1,500 admirers, the Messiah 'droid urged radical non-aggression. "Stop being mad all the time. Stop, stop, stop just hatin’ all the time," said the deep-thinking hi-tech replicant to raucous cheering and applause.

Observers of the U.S. government's attempt to cut costs and improve efficiency by deploying robot technology are divided. Some believe that there is a clear AI hierarchy, with the Messiah 'droid leading lesser robots, such as the Teeth 3000, the Witch and Woodentop. 

The Witch

Others aren't so sure, with one pundit stating, "Barack=Hillary=Kerry in leadership, charisma, integrity and capability to be Leader of the Free World."

Whatever the case, Republicans have voted to sue the Messiah 'droid for abusing its DAARPA designated Executive Power. It appears that the Obama peace initiative has arrived dead in the water, as doomed as Woodentop's disastrous Gaza ceasefire proposal and the Witch's defense of the Hamas terror group.


Is there an AI hierarchy? Or are all the 'droids equally malfunctioning?



LL said...

The White House crib really doesn't want to loose the US Senate but all the polls say that they will.

So it's time for smoke and mirrors.

Because that is what made Barack king of the world.

LSP said...

Mirrors of illusion for sure, to say nothing of the smoke that's pouring out of their overheated circuitry.

was there ever such a King?

LL said...

Nero (which means "black" in Latin) would certainly find a lot in common with Barack.

Then there is Caligula, who was smothered in a pile of dirty laundry. Sic Semper Tiranus.

Borepatch said...

Back in Massachusetts, we used to like to refer to the (then) Junior Senator as "Lurch", after the 1960s television show character.

LSP said...

Ah hah! Qualis artifex pereo.

Would we had such talent.

Caligula, interestingly, liked to parade about in Alexander's breastplate.

I predict the Odroid will go out with even more of a whimper.

LSP said...

Lurch -- what a Woodentop.

LL said...

Lurch had more charisma than Kerry.