Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Went Fishing

I thought I'd step out of the mix for a couple of days, shoot some skeet, brush up on pistol and carbine skills, see if the Lee's scope was still on (it is) and do a bit of fishing. Good plan, eh? But look what happens, with apologies to LL.

Welcome to the Buffoonalia

Dobby and his Chinos decide to make wimmin bishops, (next stop gay marriage) Israel invades Gaza, ISIS savages destroy Christianity in Northern Iraq, 100,000 people are without water in Detroit and pneumatic plague fires up in Colorado. 


Meanwhile, John Woodentop Kerry wanders around the world like a malfunctioning wardroid and lest we forget, a giant sinkhole has opened up in Putin's Siberia. Some speculate that the Archbishop of Canterbury is using this as an underground HQ to direct operations to further destroy what's left of his deadending church. Others claim the hole's caused by the explosion of ice, hot gas and space aliens. As in, "Church of England."


Whatever, I went fishing today on lake Whitney and deployed plastics, rooster tails, Twizzlers(!) and spoons. A couple of bites, no strikes and a lot of fun standing on the Limestone bluffs watching the world go by.

Christians, Rise Up

That included cliff jumpers, who were mostly men. Backflip off cliff. Thump Splash! "Dude, like an awesome bomb and a dive. Bombdive! Unh hunh." 

I saluted them with my rods. Fellow cliffmen.

Pray for the Christians of Mosul and the Middle East.



LL said...

The worst day fishing is better than the best day in Gaza or Ukraine.

LSP said...

Have to second that.

Brig said...

You got to shoot, fish, be outside near water...small prayers answered!