Monday, July 7, 2014

The Episcopal Church Caught on Camera!

The Episcopal Church has been allegedly caught on a hunter's game camera, chasing a deer. Grainy nighttime footage reveals a creature that appears to be the Episcopal Church, stalking through the woods in pursuit of prey.

The Episcopal Church Caught on Camera?

While some analysts believe the blurred images of the predatory Church are a hoax, others suggest that the photographs are real.

"This is actually how the camera captures moving objects," stated one paranormal expert at Strange Mysteries. The demonlike creature also has apparently useless wings, lending credence to theories that it is, in fact, the small but aggressive denomination.

The Episcopal Church's Useless Wings

According to one commentator, "What on earth would have wings like that? There's absolutely no way that the creature could achieve flight! Perhaps it's a deformed creature, or perhaps something else entirely, like the Episcopal Church. Whatever it is, it's creepy."

Litigation Crazed

Deformed creature, demon, or the litigation-crazed Episcopal Church, hunting down yet another victim?

You be the judge.



LL said...

Justin Welby out on his nightly constitutional?

LSP said...

Welby, out prowling, or maybe Schori, or any number of bishops...

LL said...

Since they are able to transform themselves into a chubacabra or a bat at will, it's tough to tell them apart. You certainly can't tell them apart because of their works.

LSP said...

But maybe they are bat demons or devil dogs that transform themselves into "clerypersons". Sometimes the mask slips.

LL said...

Either way the transformation goes, evil is evil.

Euripides said...

I always suspected that the Episcopal Church looked something like that. Thanks for the proof.

And your comments are even better than the photos.

LSP said...

Vicious looking creature, isn't it.

Euripides said...

Nah. Just looks like another church I know.