Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yoko, Paglia, Schori, Lee Enfield

The news is coming in fast and, well, furious. Texan school kids are getting in trouble for not carrying about microchip i.d. cards, the FAA tells us that the Land of the Free and the Brave will soon have 30,000, yes, 30,000 drones patrolling its airspace, Yoko Ono's awarded her fellow Illuminati, Lady GaGa, with a peace prize and famed Madonna fan and lesbyterian Camille Paglia has given up on Obama. 

Smile, Yoko.
Oh, and there's that rogue monkey "copping an attitude" somewhere in Florida, to say nothing of impending fiscal doom and another war in the Middle East.

Mistress Chronos Has Frowned On Camille
I'm worried about all these things and more, such as Jefferts Schori's potemkin diocese suing my diocese for all our buildings and assets. Who knows, if the courts go their way I'll be handily out of a parsonage, Lonestar or otherwise.

Boy Bishop Litigator
But in all of this, one question looms large. What to do with the 2nd Lee Enfield sporter. It's a No. 4 Mk.1 that was, I think, a bring-back from WWII and then sportered. The bore's good, it shoots well enough, though a little low -- just compensate, LSP -- and the furniture's O.K., typical post-war sporter. I think the forestock's a little shrunken, but usable.

I could leave it "as is" and keep it as a hi-power truck gun. I could get the barrel shortened an inch or two and re-crowned, put a synth stock on it and have a handy knock-about brush gun carbine. I could do the same but with wood instead of synth, and so on. The variation's are pretty endless.

So I'm open to advice; if you had a No. 4 sporter that needed fixing up, where would you take it, on a simple country parson's stipend?

Shoot straight,



danontherock said...

Making a brush gun out of it seems like a good idea. You already have the sporter so a truck brush gun makes sense.


LSP said...

I think you're right, Dan. Shorten barrel, re-crown, add new front sight and new stock -- wood.


Silverfiddle said...

In the interest of candor, I must confess that I enjoy reading Camille Paglia.

She is an honest lefty, and that is rare now that Christopher Hitchens is no longer with us.