Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ride On & Halloween Isn't Satan's Birthday

August was a good month for riding, which is strange because of the heat, but September and October were a bit of a bust. I foolishly didn't make the time. But that's changing now.

I was pleased to see that JB's put on some weight and was easy to catch, tack up and mount. We went for an easygoing ride around the 10 acre pasture she lives in, just walking with an occasional Western trot with lots of practice moving in a controlled way around mesquites and various trails. 

She did well, with good, willing response to leg and seat. I was pleased with that and it reminded me that riding's good for mind, soul and body. It also means a pastoral visit to parishioners, which is no bad thing either.

Downright Scary

Speaking of bad, some people think that Halloween is Satan's birthday. That's not true, it's the eve of All Saints.

Saints, pray for us,



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

As soon as i saw the top pic I thought 'that's happy right there' good to see you looking so well

LSP said...

Thanks, Bushwacker -- I enjoy the horse thing...