Saturday, October 6, 2012

Women Love Putin, Obama's Not So Hot

It's official, Russian presidential strongman, Vladimir Putin, is about to turn 60 and the women love him. According to the U.K's left-leaning The Independent newspaper, 1 in 5 Russian women want to marry the animal loving head of state. But not all of the former Communist country's women are smitten with their virile premier.

Female punk band Pussy Riot, who screamed out "Mother Mary, please drive Putin away!" in Moscow's Christ the Savior cathedral, are currently incarcerated for hooliganism driven by religious hatred. 

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, is also in jail. Tymoshenko, who rose to political power through her leading role in the Ukraine's Orange Revolution, is married to a businessman. She has not expressed a desire to marry Putin, despite his statements that she is innocent.

U.S. President, Obama, was described in The Nation in 2008 as "so cool he's hot" has lost his sex-appeal following an empty suit performance during his Thursday debate against Republican rival Romney.

Unlike Putin, Obama shows no interest in guns and horses.



Silverfiddle said...

Love the pics.

Mitt needs to watch his back. Obama's praetorian guard in the press will have the long knives out for the second debate. Can't let that debacle happen again.

The Conservative Lady said...

Putin admits he stages those stunts like flying with the geese and going bare chested like Tarzan to endear himself with the masses. As for President Obama, he pulls some pretty good (but questionable) stunts pulling a 7.8% unemployment rate out of his hat on Friday. Doubt it's going to do much to erase that abysmal debate performance, though.

LSP said...

Hope that .308 sighted in well, Silverfiddle.

I especially enjoyed the spectacle of Chris "Illuminati Puppet" Matthews blowing a gasket... More of that, please.

LSP said...

The employment figure did have a certain stuntsmanship to it, CL.

The question is, will Obama manage to sneak in a teleprompter to the next one?

infidel de manahatta said...

It's disconcerting the similarities between the U.S. and Russia. Both countries are run by a leader who exists on the cult of the personality. Both countries have a state-run media that has a huge interest in keeping Dear Leader in office.

The only difference? We have Big Bird.

LSP said...

The whole Big Bird thing has left me slightly flummoxed, Infidel.

hail to the, er, Chief!