Friday, September 16, 2011


It seems that Team LSP has been hard at work, sending in pictures of choppers. I think they hope I will buy one and roar about the countryside with all the other bikers.  It would be like Nam, Chelt'Nam that is, in the '70s, which I vaguely remember being fond of.

But I can't, looking after the live horse is enough for me and I need to save up for some kind of truck, the present Ranger being on loan - pref 4x4. Like a x-cab Z71 or F150 variant. Then there's always the Defender... 

On a different theme, it's good to know that unlimited dollar liquidity is being offered to Europe's stuttering banks.

That's solved that nasty little solvency problem then. Entirely.

And another thing, why is Piers Morgan still in power?




Katheryn Lane said...

Great looking bikes. Are you sure that you're not tempted?

LSP said...

An iron horse would be fun -- but i have enough on my hands with a live one!

hope book sales are going well.


Anonymous said...

LSP, it has been awhile since I commented sorry. I do like motorcycles indeed but I consider myself to be a traditionalist, I would prefer the horse to.

LSP said...

Great to hear from you Rick!

If I had a bike I would doubtless be tempted to go too fast and would come off; bad disaster. As it is, I've had to learn a bit of caution on the equine variant...

God bless.

Katheryn Lane said...

Book sales are good (but could always be better!)



LSP said...

Nice - I'm working on the FJ corpus - articles, essays and the Scott Holland book.

All publishing tips welcome.

I understand you've written several 'top tips for getting into Ivy League' schools.

What can I say but, "Jealous of your time Yale."