Thursday, September 29, 2011

Punk is not Dead!

Derided by some as the "most unpopular ex-pat Britain has ever produced, Piers "Whatapunk" Morgan denies having any connection whatsoever with the UK's phone hacking scandal. The Associated Press seems to question that:

"The 46-year-old's past is already under scrutiny thanks in part to suggestive statements he's made about listening in on other people's voicemails. Morgan has denied ordering anyone to hack a phone or knowingly publishing stories based on hacked information, but he was in charge at the News of the World when it was bribing people for information and freely acknowledged that the practice was wrong.
'It's a disgrace, of course, and totally unethical,' he wrote. 'But very handy.'"
You can read all about it here, via Drudge.
Please, Great Britain, take him back.

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