Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Horse, Gun, Liquidity

You probably think that the LSP August was all about excursions from Canada to dodgy parts of Detroit, but that was only part of it. 

There were horses.

There were guns.

And a visit from my brother and his family from Wales. They were hoping to ride but I didn't think that'd be too safe, so the kids got to give JB treats and attention. That horse has come a long way -- I would have felt very uneasy having children around her a year ago. 

But that's not all. Finally managed to read the excellent House of Cards, which is all about the gruesome Bear Stearns blow-up.

And lo and behold, it's happening all over again! But worse! Merkel tells us that we won't have another Lehman Brothers. Well you never know, maybe that magical German alchemy will transmute the radioactive lead on the euro zone balance sheets into fine gold.

Smart people are learning to ride, shoot and grow their own food.



lukeya said...

and to grow their own beards.....

LSP said...

Ah yes, Lukeya. The beards.

Are you going for the JEB Stuart 'Full Set' or the 'Canadian Goatee'?

Full Set might look better on the Iron Horse...

Greg Tingey said...

Some of us, even in the UK have been growing our own food.
It's called an ALLOTMENT.

As for beards, I don't know about iron horses, though I love the things, but how about beards and great green beasts, in the middle of Wales (fords of Teifi, to be precise) ...
See HERE ... so there!

LSP said...

Well said Tingey!

Allotment? Very sensible. As I understand it, we used to have them here, under a different name, but the habit seems to have been mostly forgotten post WWII. With the Latino influx we're seeing a lot of 'back yard' small holding -- especially chickens.

Love the green beast. If I had the means I'd get one; parts seem tricky though, in Texas.


lukeya said...

'Full Set' the good Lord.


LSP said...

Sound plan, Lukeya. Full Set makes good sense.

Check out Tingey's link 'HERE'(see above) for good Beard Defender action.