Monday, December 14, 2009

Nice Pearls.

Well that's just great.

Some of you might have noticed that Boy Bishop Jefferts Schori was in Dallas the other day. She said Muslims and Gays were 'scapegoats'. Scapegoats for what? Global warming? Nuclear Prolification? World wide poverty? Injustice in the workforce? You know, if it wasn't for all those evil legions of interior designer Shiite Muslims Houston would be just fine. Whatever.

I'm off to shoot a gun.



Anonymous said...

I note the press is making a big deal about the "first openly lesbian elected mayor of a major city..."

Seeing as how this is a secular, government position I don't see how her sexuality has anything to do with it.

And yes, we must stop scapegoating muslims for all the blowing stuff up and head chopping they do. They're just under a lot of stress!

LSP said...

Yes - the press is pretty keen on it all. There's still enough old school morality around to make it newsworthy, I guess. And, you know, Houston Lesbians are a pretty oppressed minority...

We must stop scapegoating the holy warriors for their, er, holy war.

Bob Qat said...

You might want to post a link to a source, like

As for head chopping, I need more rest. They better watch it.

LSP said...

Bob Qat - thanks for stopping by. I'll post a source. Don't you be scapegoating those head choppers now...

Convenor said...

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LSP said...

Very much enjoy your blog, Convenor and will follow + link. I love the Latin Mass, which is, to my mind, part of the wave of the future.

God bless.