Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Ice Age

Drove through a light dusting of Global Warming to get to the LSP command post in Dallas and a Christmas greeting from my old friend Moet; always a welcome guest. Then it was food, fun and family till well into the night - huge enjoyment. And what's wrong with that, in our puritanical and barbarous times? Nothing at all.

lull before the storm...

Speaking of barbarians, it seems that yet another person has tragically misunderstood The Religion of Peace and set himself alight while trying to blow up an airplane heading to Detroit. A good thing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab failed. What an evil thing to do, thank God he was stopped.

Have a great Boxing Day and Feast of St. Stephen.




JPT said...

Nice pics.

LSP said...

Thanks JPT.

Anonymous said...

I hope the holidays find you well and I heard about all that bad weather out there so drive careful.

I also heard about that plane incident and I'm sorry to say you might get a little upset with me if you knew what I was thinking we should do.

The Conservative Lady said...

What a beautiful table. Hope your Christmas was grand.

darlin said...

Wow! Your table (and home) looks like Martha Stewart was there decorating, it is so delightful and charmingly beautiful! It is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed your company and there is not one single thing wrong with enjoying yourself, we all deserve to in my opinion.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year LSP!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the guy that tackled the fizzle bomber was Dutch. Glad to see Europe still has some young men willing to fight for something bigger than a football match!

LSP said...

Rick - I'm sure that your plans for Farooq are entirely appropriate!

That's very kind TCL - it was a lovely Christmas. Now we're into the 'tide...

Darlin - you always leave the nicest comments - I'm jealous of your Perogis in Edmonton.

FOUTC - will check out 'Intellectual Ammo' and for sure - interesting to see the Dutch fight back against TROP. Free Mr. Wilders, that's what I say.

God bless you all.