Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Midnight Jokers

I've stayed out of the Healthcare thing because everyone else has been on it but I've got to say that the comments on Hillbuzz and KOOK's seem right on the money. Death Panels, infanticide, subterfuge, corruption, pork... and the list goes on. Anyway, here's some writing from Hillbuzz via the excellent KOOK's Manifesto, if you haven't read it already:

Claire McCaskill, the second worst Senator alive today, is stirring rebellion in Missouri.

Across the state, images of Claire Bear as The Joker are popping up…caused by Missourians angry at her refusal to stop the government rationing of healthcare through Harry Reid’s dead of night, top secret, forced legislation.

Every single Democrat voting for this monstrous bill is a Joker.

This is not how legislation should be passed. This is not the American way. This is how the Soviet Union and banana republics operated.

UPDATE: Some of you wonder why Claire McCaskill is now just the Second-Worst Living Senator. Previously, she has been listed as the Worst Living Senator in our book. Harry Reid, in our opinion, nudged her out of her title a few weeks back when he started calling opponents of Healthcare Rationing RAAACISTS, and said that opposing what he was doing with this secret, middle of the night legislation was tantamount to supporting slavery. That is so wrong, so inappropriate, and so patently INSANE that we couldn’t help but list him as the Worst of the Worst. McCaskill will, no doubt, regain her title in November 2010 when Reid is booted from office…and she will retain that title until she, too, is removed from the Senate in 2012.

Off to wrap presents now.



Teresa said...

Obama and the Dems are running this country like its a banana republic. This bill is tyranny, plain and simple. This bill is so despicable on so many levels. And, I believe that it is unconsititutional. The Democrats are all jokers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

LSP said...

I think its a shameful piece of legislation - banana republic's about right...

Still, have a merry Christmas!

Catosays said...

Hi LSP. Not really a comment on your blog but just a howdy-doody (is that right?)


LSP said...

Cheers - thanks for dropping by!

The Conservative Lady said...

The Dems are turning our wonderful country into a Banana Republic by their tyrannical actions regarding the health care bill. It's an absolute disgrace.
While I am here, let me wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

LSP said...

Thanks CL - merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It's the busy time for you, Parson! Glad you could still find some time to post.

This bill is bad on so many levels (the one size fits all soviet style bureaucracy, the bribes and vote buying...) it's ugly and I think this will be a defining moment for American citizens...

Merry Christmas and a Conservative new year!