Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day in the Country

Got to the Stables early and the barn cats galloped for their food; you' think they were starving, which they aren't. Regardless, it was neat to watch them race across the grass and better still to approximate to the same thing on horseback.

galloping cat

Later in the day, towards dusk, the air filled with birds - a cacophony of the things, fiercely strutting about and pecking for food. There must have been hundreds of them around the parsonage; incredibly noisy but interesting to watch.

After watching them carry on for a time I drove off to say Mass and was a little worried to see several pews full of silent, reverent people when I arrived at the church. Was I late?! No, they were just keen and intent on saying their prayers. I love that.

You'll forgive me for not commenting on the unfolding Warmist scandal, yet more attacks by Muslim 'martyrs', Episcopal priests praying to Aztec 'saints' (and Muslim martyrs) and a strange old woman in the diocese of D.C. who celebrated a neo-pagan 'Croning' liturgy in the National Cathedral. More of that anon.

Keep pulling the trigger.



Amusing Bunni said...

What beautiful photo's, Parson. Your horse looks so sweet and gentle, and thoughtful too. You captured his personality so great! And, galloping cats, I never saw them before.

Looks like you had a lovely day, and It's nice to know people are praying alot now. Our country surely needs lot's of prayers.

LSP said...

Thanks Bunni - it was a good day! For sure we need the prayers...

darlin said...

I adore the photo of your horse, such beauty in yet another one of God's creatures!

Great to see you back in the saddle again LSP and please say a prayer for me, finals begin next week! :-)

LSP said...

I'll surely say a prayer for the success of your finals - you'll do well.

Barking Spider said...

Quite right, too, LSP, if you want any of that kind of doom-mongering stuff you can find plenty of it over at my place I have more of it than I know what to do with!!

LSP said...

For sure Spider - vastly enjoy the unpicking of the evil web! Will drop by.