Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moving House

There I was, in Dallas, quietly standing outside a restaurant, reflecting on the state of the world and a magazine deadline when all of a sudden a house went by - on a flatbed. There it was, moving down a side street in Oak Cliff. You don't get that in England. Amazing country, Texas.

Anyway, a pleasant couple captured the thing on their smart I Phones and emailed me the shot. They were from Holland, I think, and wanted to know who I was and where I was from. So I rambled on about guns and England - much consternation in the Dutch camp.




The Conservative Lady said...

We had friends in NJ who had their house moved like that. Amazing what can be done.

LSP said...

It is! Never seen it before on a side street...

darlin said...

It is quite common here to see a house traveling down the highway. Prefab homes are actually quite an ingenious idea. The house on the farm is a prefab, the basement was poured, the house delivered and just like that, a home! Well not quite that simple but pretty much in a nutshell!

I still prefer the old fashioned way of watching a house go up, not just dropped off! Technology... positive or negative? Such a debatable topic!

LSP said...

Thanks for stopping by Darlin - good old technology... I enjoy it well enough - modern guns, computers etc. Surely they're all good enough in themselves provided they're directed to a proper end - which is at something of a premium in our confusing times!

God bless.