Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pro Patria

On my way to the stables I get to drive through Itasca. It has a Main Street.

It has a sign.

It has a Memorial.

And a little over a thousand people.

God bless Texas.



tom said...

Something that might be of interest to reflect on is that when they lost 50 odd men in WW I, it was a smaller town that it is today...~12-15% service related deaths of men of service age in places they never heard of to stuff the Boche back in his place.

LSP said...

I know - I find it pretty sobering. Respect to Itasca and to their people serving overseas.

I pray they come back safely.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that small towns have a certain way about them but they still will honor their fallen, sometimes more than anyone else.

LSP said...

I agree; I found that memorial pretty moving.

R. Toad said...

The memorial reminds me of another small town out East. Bedford, Virginia lost more soldiers per capita on D-Day than just about any other town in America. It is now home to the grand D-Day Memorial, but the aura of small town sacrifice for the Nation remains yet.

The Fact Compiler said...


Some war memorial for a town of a thousand souls.

Do they want to sell the sign or can you ship reproductions from the States?


LSP said...

I'll see if I can find a source for the sign...