Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Huge Great Fish

Here's GWB with a sizable fish. He'd gone off to Galvestone for some angling action and got it, by the look of things. The catch ended up on the grill. Nice. I understand he caught a small shark too; I'll post the picture when I get it.

This reminds me to stop being lazy and get out on the water - excellent relaxation, exciting when you get something (rare for me) and tasty with it.

Good result GWB.




The Crow said...

Is that a tarpon? Has big scales like a tarpon, but it's been years since I've seen one. When we lived in Corpus Christi, my dad used to go out to the Gulf every chance he got, looking for tarpon.


LSP said...

Its a Tarpon - I'm jealous of GWB's catch...

Going out in the Gulf sounds good!


father wb said...

asp. Its a redfish, aka red drum.

LSP said...

Ah - still jealous of catch.