Monday, June 1, 2009

Hog Wild

Celebrated the Feast of Pentecost yesterday at the Missions and all was good, with no one bursting inappropriately into 'tongues', except for the Assistant Priest who was heard to mutter from time to time in Latin. You know the kind of thing, perhaps, "Te Igitur..." Well, that was fine by me but conversation over iced tea after the service was better. I'll paraphrase:

"You know, Father..."
"Yes, my son?"
"I have this problem and its gettin' kind of serious."
"Yessir. You see hogs are coming through from my neighbour's land and tearing things up. Saw several big ones on the track just last night. 240 pounders, I reckon; didn't have a gun so I shooed 'em off in my truck."
"Ah Hah!" I replied and quick as a flash a worthy parishioner took up the cause.
"You gotta get rid of them! We'll take care of that for you."

For sure we will and the plan's simple. Lay out some post hole bait then go up against the tuskers with hi-power weaponry. .45 Beretta, scoped up 7mm Mauser (I think) and the venerable Lee Enfield should do the trick for me. Not sure what my friend'll use - something in 30-06 or .308 probably. 

So stay tuned and fire up the mental grill for some home cooking.

A joyous Feast of the Visitation to you.


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