Saturday, July 14, 2018


There's a new movement in town, #WalkAway, in which people describe their journey out of the Party. It's a big thing, echoing the success of Trump in what used to be blue states during the election. But why would anyone walk away from the Democrats?

Well That's Normal #WalkAway

Not because of the weirdness, surely, or the "everything you don't like is Hitler," or the "we hate anyone who isn't part of the Party," or the lies, cronyism, hypocrisy and nihilism of the left.

#WalkAway's been branded as a fake astroturf movement full of Russian bots, spies and double agents. 

Typical Russian Collusion

Unh Hunh, a bit like President Trump himself, the notorious Kremlin agent who had the shameless, brazen temerity to defeat Hillary in an election. Like, how dare he?

Despite #WalkAway's forest fire, grass roots success some people keep can't break their allegiance to the Party. Here's a video.

And here's Wictor's analysis. I'd be careful if I was a member of Antifa, just imagine all those slender undercover feds at your next revolutionary meeting to overthrow the Man.

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LL said...

The "I'm with Her" crowd may get another chance to put their favorite crone in the White House as Crooked Hillary prepares to ride again. I don't know about you, but for me, it's a best case scenario - high drama and 24-7 entertainment as she takes to the campaign trail to whine about shit that she has NEVER cared one whit about. The image of Slick Willie on her heels, now as the champion of women is comical.

The anti-Trump misfits in London remind me of the Hollywood film, "suicide squad". They're trying to one-up San Francisco and Austin and I think that they succeeded in pure dramatic effect. What do trust fund people who don't need to work for a living do? Well, that's evident, isn't it?

Jim said...

My wife was raised as a democrat. Her dad knew Harry Truman, and like her dad, she thought highly of him and JFK as well. As time passed that started to change as the party moved first to the far left, then beyond the fringe. I can't think of who the last candidate of theirs who she voted for. Hopefully this attitude will catch on.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Still a Blue Dog Democrat. Was a precinct committeeman man for ten years. Haven't paid dues, or attended a party function since 2008. There are a few dinosaurs like me left but we are dying out. In recent years haven't voted for many Democrats.

The GOP repels me, the Jeb!s, the Grover Norquists, their private club attitude. The Tea Party concept holds a lot of appeal. I don't like the man on a personal level but am a Trump supporter. Over the years I worked for several s.o.b.'s who I tolerated because they got the job done (and many folks who worked for me weren't personal fans).

If I live long enough, and the (P)regressives go off and create their own party, I may rejoin. Until then, not only no, but hell no. Reminds me of something recently seen on FB, "Heaven has requirements for entry. Hell has open borders".

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The video of the soy boy from antifa being clocked just warmed my heart.

LSP said...

LL, I'm pretty optimistic about a Hillary run. It doesn't seem as though she's going to be locked up any time soon and maybe the better punishment is losing, yet again. Then she can be locked up.

Hubris meets Nemesis.

LSP said...
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LSP said...

Lots of people have walked away Jim, and I can't say as I blame them. Just have a look at the blimp photo. No, on second thoughts don't, it's too disturbing.

But in the meanwhile it looks like the trannies are campaigning for MAGA. Carry on.

LSP said...

"Hell has open borders" -- well said, WSF.

As for the country club, oligarchical surety of the GOP, I agree, repellent. To say nothing of their uniparty allegiance. Remember the GOP primaries, with Jeb! and all the rest of those goons?

Trump the vulgarian floored them, then he did the same to their chosen leader, Hillary. What. A. Result.

In the meanwhile, good luck to the Dems and a return to sanity, to say nothing of the world at large.

May we all live so long!

LSP said...

#MeToo, Infidel!