Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cell Phone Jihad!


I fought the Jihad today. That's right, the Cell Phone Jihad. The primitive savages had taken over the Western Province of my kitchen cabinets and were poised to cut off the compound's food supply. So drastic action had to be taken.

Terrorist forces were comprised of a Motorola i776 flip, a Samsung flip, a Blackberry and my old nemesis, a Samsung Galaxy Rush.

I attacked these barbarians at 50 yards with two AR 15 battle rifles, and you know the saying, the gun is a tool. Would these two rifles be the right tool for the job?

They sure were. The Motorola flip was first down, shot in half by a 62 grain dose of 5.56, travelling at 3,000 feet per second. The Blackberry was easy prey and next to go, with the not-so-smart Rush soon behind. 

The Samsung flip was weirdly sturdy and stayed intact, despite taking two rounds in its annoyingly cheap and flimsy feeling case.

I enjoyed fighting the Jihad so much that I did it all over again. The cell phone terrorists took another beating and went down, for good.

So go ahead and fight the Jihad, just make sure you bring the right tools for the job.

Your buddy,



jenny said...

Well done. I've got an old flip that chooses to go "inactive" in nearly every important phone call. I'll save it for you to "jihad".

LSP said...

Be careful, they multiply. Just look at ISIS.

LL said...

That makes perfect sense.

Good shooting. Likely your shots were influenced by Blue Mentor.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. Blue Range Master was very helpful.