Thursday, September 6, 2012

Putin, the New Francis?

Crane Rescue!

 Animal loving Russian Leader, Vladimir Putin, has successfully led several endangered Cranes to safety in a powered hang-glider, showing the world that he's not only Russia's preeminent "strong man" but also someone who cares deeply about the environment and God's creatures. 

However, some feel that this attraction to animals reveals Putin's disillusionment with the people he governs; like St. Francis, he would rather be with the furred, finned and feathered creatures of the wild than humans who misunderstood him.

St. Francis of Assisi
According to art gallery owner Marat Guelman, the Russian Premier "has lost faith in us. He sees our treachery, greed, cowardice and cruelty. There's nothing to love in us anymore. Dolphins, cranes, horses - that's a different thing."

Others disagree, believing that the former head of the dreaded KGB cynically uses animals for publicity purposes, unlike St. Francis, who loved them.

Obama runs from dog
President Obama runs from dogs.

Unlike Putin and St. Francis.


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