Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Resist The Invasion!

Top British boffin, Simon Conway Morris, professor of evolutionary paleobiology at Cambridge University, has announced that space aliens are likely to be "just like us", according to the U.K's Guardian newspaper, ATS and GNN.

Morris warns that human look-alike extraterrestrials will probably be looters, on the lookout for water, minerals and fuel, driven by "greed, violence and a tendency to exploit others' resources."

This will come as no surprise to LSP readers who have followed this site's longstanding disclosure reportage of off-world attempts to subvert Church and State.

Resist the invasion! Trijicon, Aimpoint, Eotech and Schmidt & Bender will help, as will high cal. precision rifles, custom knives, mastery of horsemanship, a renewed SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, RIP V.F.) and the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Victory.

Deus Vult.



Anonymous said...

You crack me up Parson! I'd love to sit in the pews and hear one of your sermons. I bet your parishioners are talking about them all the next week.

Could any human being stick it out with Bill Clinton? More proof for the alien theory...

LSP said...

I guess Hillary does have extenuating circumstances; but whatever, she's a space creature and judging by the picture, quite insane.


All Seeing Eye said...

If they are aliens, then they definitely aren't from "V".

To quote:
Chad Decker: Yeah. I have a question. Is there such a thing as an ugly visitor?

Anna: I don't understand.

Chad Decker: Oh, you all seem to be what we consider attractive.

Nope, these aren't the aliens we're looking for.

LSP said...

That's a very good point ASE.

They're certainly not from 'V', and so the search for their homeworld continues.

Whatever, they're obviously hostile and should be District Nined in the interim.