Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shoot The Carbine!

I've learned something new and it's this; ARs seem to get really dirty when you shoot them but, and this isn't new to me, they're fun to blast off, which is why I stopped being gun indecisive and bought one. It isn't fancy, just a 5.56 flat top carbine and I can always trick it out later with optics, different handguards etc., if the desire's there. It might be handy against wild dogs, coyotes and revisionist clergypersons, if they present themselves, but first things first - zero it in, which I did.

I found it worked better with a Magpul flip-up iron sight than it did with the supplied carry handle. Perhaps the latter was defective as it wouldn't sight in till the windage was dialed all the way to the left. The flip-up didn't have that problem and soon came to rest not far off mechanical zero - elevation at the front sight post didn't seem to need adjusting.

So I advanced to contact against the paper adversary and its Green Bucket and Ice Tea Can allies. I won the firefight, fortunately, doubtless helped by the opposition's inability to shoot back. Ice Tea Can went down spectacularly, exploding into the air in several parts - huge fun.

As the sun began to set the 'value packs' ran out and it was back to the parsonage for meditative weapons cleaning and reflection on tomorrow's homily; water into wine. I'm all in favour of that, preferably in great, or 'industrial strength' quantities.

Self-verdict on latest gun? Worth every penny, for sheer enjoyment. Next stop - get sinister black Deathstar battle rifle in .308 - more stopping power you see.

Good shooting,



Teresa said...

That looks like one impressive gun. Enjoy testing that new gun. Have fun with target practice.

LSP said...

Thanks Teresa - I'll have plenty of fun testing it out - always neat to get a new gun.

God bless.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

"always neat to get a new gun"

Testify parson!!

My new toy arrives monday

LSP said...

It's a powerful witness SBW.

Looking forward to your review on Monday!


darlin said...

As always I enjoyed your blog LSP, I know next to nothing about guns but I can feel your passion through your writing and photos.

Happy shooting... and gun cleaning! :-)

Anonymous said...

Weapon cleaning is a contemplative time... "Why can't I get at that carbon in the slide grooves of the bolt?"

They get doubly dirty when you shoot blanks during Miles Gear war games...

Congrats on the purchase!

murphyfish said...

Now that looks to be a serious piece of a conversion tool my good man. Great post, your enjoymentof guns is plain to see.

LSP said...

Thanks Silverfiddle - I'd been holding off for about a year, partly because of the price, but that seems to have gone down a little. Anyway, hours of fun shooting and some practical application too.


LSP said...

Hi Murphyfish, thanks for the comment and you're right - the semi-auto battle rifle has great converting power! God bless.