Monday, January 18, 2010

Booting It About

Back in August I swapped out a pair of Bates combat boots for a pair of Wolverines, partly because I didn't like the way water seemed to get trapped in the Goretex liner, turning the boot into a squelching, spongelike nightmare. I found their soles had a nasty habit of de-laminating from the upper too, necessitating repairs with the ever handy Locktite; not a disaster, but annoying.

No such problem with the Wolverines. They've seen plenty of use out in the field and so far the soles have stayed resolutely fixed to the upper, they're pretty watertight too, which has been handy while walking across semi-flooded fields in search of dove or rabbit. Then again, I make sure to keep them well saddle soaped and mink oiled, so they shouldn't leak. For the money and the kind of use I give them, a great boot, well suited to the climate and terrain here.

The Wolverines worked for riding but I found they didn't give as much support as I'd like, being fairly roomy, and the soles could have had better traction on the stirrups. So in a fit of self-indulgence I invested in a pair of Ariat Stockmans.

Very sturdy boots, with a good solid heel designed to take spurs and they seem to stick to the stirrups like glue; great arch support also, which is perhaps due to their 'Exclusive ATS Technology', standing for 'Advanced Torque Stability'. Improbable, I know, but it seems to work, making for a much firmer, better controlled ride and posture.

I'd say they have plenty of Lonestar State appeal and what's wrong with that? Nothing whatsoever.

Stay on the horse,



A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

Good choice on Ariat....I wear Ariats Women's Legend brown oiled....that is my all purpose, go to the barn & riding boot.....

heck I can even wear them in the ice up here....because of the traction....but they don't grip so much I can't get my foot out the stirrup post haste if needed.

I love em...then I have some Justin's for my "going to town" boots

My original purpose for stopping by was to ask you if you are a connoisseur of 'old' guns? I have an OLD ...heck I don't even know what it is....but I pulled the plate off way back when and found a date around 1857 I think...and as for distinguishing marks...???

But if you are...stop by my blog and let me know...heck...maybe I will post a blog about the darned old relic and put up a bunch of has a 'stock' repair...which even that looks was just an odd find in the back of grandpa's history, no information or anything. Thanks

darlin said...

LSP, only you could take a pair of boots and hold my attention such as you have! I love the photos, the commentary on the boots and to keep me reading through the entire blog, well that is pure brilliance!

Happy trails to you my blogger friend!

LSP said...

ACUB - thanks for the comment. Ariat's seem to be the 'boot of choice' for barn & riding. I'm pleased with mine. Justin's are popular too - especially the Ropers.

Interested in your gun, though I'm not an expert on antique firearms, but there's plenty who are. You should do a post on it - put up a picture(s) and we can have a look.It'd be neat to work out its history.


LSP said...

Glad you liked the boot post Darlin - of course I'd need something different in Alberta, where it's a little colder... though I understand its been unseasonably warm, which must be a relief.

God bless.

Red said...

Ariat's what I wore when I sported boots at one time. Thanks for swinging by the blog. God bless you back.

LSP said...

Thanks Red - cheers.