Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Gun?

Woke up to a beautiful morning, the sun was rising on frost covered grass and all was still save for the distant sounds of shotguns firing away on the farms. Then it was a spirited Mass and off to the next Mission; fine, until Global Warming and its friend, the New Ice Age, stopped my pick- up from starting. Disaster! Until a friendly parishioner lent me a car to complete the journey.

As I drove along my mind turned towards that burning and knotty issue - what gun to buy? Part of me thinks, "Get an M4gery", sure, but what brand? What caliber? .223 or .308 - maybe something else again... Bushmaster or Armalite? DPMS or Colt? etc. And with what optics/flip up iron sights?

Then again...

Why not get an M1A? Tempting. Or should I just be sensible and get a Tikka T3? No easy choice, is it, but then again, who ever said life would easy?

All advice welcome. Forgive the incessant questions.

Have a blessed Sunday,



Pavlov's Cat said...

Just always thank your lucky stars (or lone star) that you have a choice of which firearm to buy.

Unlike the choice we have here in the UK.
Which is unless you are a farmer (shotgun only) or a rich, game shooter and friend of the chief constable (shotgun only again) or deer farmer (rifle)

That's it (unless you are a criminal or a police officer)

Chris W said...

Read Boston's Gun Bible.

The best resource for any gun owner or future gun owner by far.

darlin said...

LSP, I'd be that last person to give you advice on your passion but just thought I'd pop in and say a hello to you! I hope you find your answer someplace! :-)

North Northwester said...

Firearms porn form the Tikka T3
Of course, here in the Mother of Parliaments we're not even allowed to own realistic toys guns - let alone the real thing.

The M1A is a pretty object,)apparently it was general issue with US armed forces until 1970, and though the M16- Armalite has its sinister beauty and Vietnam kudos, I'd still go for the M1A.

Mind you, I'm new to gun porn, and will post to the Tikka site today.
Pure engineering beauty.
Thanks for the inspiration, LSP.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any one of those so I would say go for it.

LSP said...

Thanks Pavlov's Cat - I miss England in some ways, especially London, but I don't miss the gun laws - or the nanny state...

I'll be sure to check out the Boston Gun Bible Chris W.

Thanks Darlin - so many guns...

Good to have your comments North Northwester - I'm inclined towards the M1A - but people do love the Tikka.

Rick - excellent advice - don't be indecisive LSP!


Neshobanakni said...

Have you looked at Kel-Tec rifles?

LSP said...

Thanks for dropping by Neshobanakni - I'll have a gaze!

Gun Rights.

tom said...

More than one of each and alternate chamberings too :-)

tom said...

The Keltec PLR-16 pistol is more entertaining than their "rifle," which is really more of a carbine and they are both chambered in 5.56.

You don't lose much at all going from carbine barrel length to long barrel large pistol and you have more future versatility, as you can put any length barrel you want on a pistol but you can't with a rifle.

No max no min length beats no max with a min length when they are functionally about as useful. Gives you more options unless you just happen to particularly like the carbine they make, more or less as is, and expect that not to change...they're cheap enough and reasonably liquid, though, so if you get bored with it it'd be easy enough to flip.

LSP said...

Good advice Tom - you are the master of cool pistols! Greatly looking forward to the .303 build/project.

God bless.