Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keep It Clean...

...or it won't work. Likewise, stay on the horse.

With those somber thoughts in mind, here's a sunset from the LSP truck to lift the spirits in our dark and barbarous times.

Many thanks to Albert at TROC for suggesting people say a prayer tomorrow for those who lost their lives at the WTC and to GNN for the harrowing images.

Requiescant in pacem.



Anonymous said...

LSP, I will never forget that day. The day we all realized we as a country had gotten to comfortable with the thought that nobody could mess with us.

I did and do pray for all those who lost their lives that day and vowed to do my part to try and not let it happen again.

father wb said...

"in" takes the ablative.

Gun rights!

LSP said...

Thanks FWB - I'm fired - 'pace'.

Thanks Rick - always value your comments.

God bless.