Thursday, February 1, 2018

Memo's Comin'

The memo's coming and it looks like the FBI & Co aren't too happy. But, but, but the memo's going to compromise national security! Yeah, that's why there's a Russian spy in the White House.

In the meanwhile, ask yourselves why a trainload of GOP release-the-memo congressmen and their families were almost killed on their way to Greenbriar by a stray, completely random truck on the tracks? 

Strange, isn't it. Enjoy the infovideo.



LL said...

Toy airplanes won't stop him! Toy tanks won't stop him! President Trump is like Godzilla -- And apparently the FBI didn't stop him either but they tried to mount a coup d'etat.

LSP said...

Do you remember Hillary asking Trump if he'd accept losing the election? How that worm's turned.

Perhaps the FBI & Friends thought it was their patriotic duty to mount a coup. Or are they just liars and weasels?

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Comrade, have faith in your MSM. They will suppress the memo and the general public will never hear of it.

You think you live in a Republic? This is an aristocracy and it's our job as commoners to shut up and respect and obey our masters.

LSP said...

Yes, Infidel!

Must. Obey. Masters.