Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pegu Gin Kickback

The River of the Lost Footsteps and the Golden Mystery upon 
its Banks. The Iniquity of Jordan. Shows how a Man may go 
to the Shway Dagon Pagoda and see it not and to the 
Pegu Club and hear too much.

As you calculate the odds of Great Britain being able to defend itself against, say, Schleswig Holstein, what better way to steady the nerves than a stiff Pegu Gin.

Named after the famous Pegu Club, which is now sadly abandoned, the Pegu is a kind of Gin Margarita, ideally suited for warm climates such as Burma or Texas. It goes like this.

2 ounces++ dry gin
1/2 ounce orange Curacao
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1 Dash Angostura Bitters
1 Dash Orange Bitters

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, and strain into a chilled glass. Go light on the orange and strong on the lime if you're smart.

Then, as you ponder the capacity of the Sceptered Isle to protect itself in the absence of even having a plan to do so, kick back and drink your Pegu Gin like a warrior.




LL said...

Gin can be a powerful Jinn.

LSP said...

Nothing quite like a good Djinn to round off the day, LL.

Saying that, Huma's gone strangely silent whereas she used to be so vocal. You'd think she'd be a clarion call for the truth of Russian Collusion putting a Kremlin spy in the White House. Still, the ways of Djinn are not as our ways. Ask the curiously named Weiner.

Speaking of which, I hardly ever, if at at all, drink Mother's Ruin. Gives me heartburn, sadly.

Pegu Club forever.

Adrienne said...


LL said...

Huma Weiner is hiding deep underground - possibly with the Obama Family, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now that there is e-mail proof that the FBI was keeping Barack informed personally on the coup d'etat that they were working on against President Trump, Barack's sphincter is popping the buttons off the couch upholstery. Would Barack be given his own cell at Gitmo, or would he be forced to share it with Hillary? (Lock Her Up)

LSP said...

Pegus all'round, Adrienne!

LSP said...

LL, a lot of us are hoping that Barack ends up doing the old "Gin Sling" at Gitmo with Hillary. Heck, they even mobilized AZ Guard MPs to deal with the contingency; perhaps there's a consultancy role for the WWM?

Don't say "sealed indictments".


Jules said...

Pffft! Reporting live from the Land of Gin and Glory, I can tell you this. We will lure our enemy to our infamous Gin houses and make them a deadly cocktail of Old Raj, Ethylene glycol and tonic with a LIMEY twist. That's what we call sneaky. And genius.


LSP said...

Juliette, the Enemy will have much to conjure with. Old Raj is definitely a force multiplier.

You don't find it in the Comrade Corbyn (Vodka based) or the pathetically anemic T May (soda/campari).