Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Prayer Burns Demons

Prayer burns demons? Watch this video to the end and while you're at it, reflect on the fury and hysteria of the Left. What God do they worship?

Russia, freed from decades of Bolshevik Communist oppression, is experiencing a spiritual renewal with thousands of churches and monasteries being rebuilt in a remarkable Christian renaissance. 

A rebirth that our media refuses to report as it shrieks hysterically for confrontation and possibly war with Europe's most Christian country.

Where lies the demon?

Vade Retro,



LL said...

I don't know if demons can be "burned". The chemistry and physics of that one is best left to the experts.

HOWEVER I have heard it said that Hillary wailed as if she'd been scalded when she lost the election. (lock her up)

LSP said...

LL, I don't know if Hillary is possessed by an unclean spirit. Would I wager the monkey on its absence? No, I would not.