Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tooth Puller

A typical dentist street scene

Some people write books and edit and publish them, others ride, shoot and fish. Others again spend all their time at the dentist.

His teeth are fine

I fall into the latter category as the ongoing saga of new teeth continues. Like life itself it's a process, and hopefully an upwards movement towards perfection. But my advice to you is this.

Keep your teeth, if you can.



Jules said...

Editing and publishing is like being a dentist.:Pulling teeth. But without the anaesthetic. My advice would be go down the shoot and fish route and make sure you floss.

LL said...

I'm sure that your dentist will tell you "thank you" for the Maserati.

As one obsessed with dental cleanings, and daily brushing and flossing, I have dodged the bullet. However my books don't sell, so there may not be that much linkage between the two.

As to fishing, I'm aching to take the new canoe for a paddle. I put the rubber coating on the roof racks today and once the glue has cured, I'll be able to take it anywhere that my 4x4 can go. BUT will the canoe catch fish? I doubt it. I will have to use a line and fishing tackle to get that done.

Blue Avenger has titanium bionic fangs. The investment is paying off because he has no insipid problems that need attention. I'm sure that he intimidated the other dogs when he was in the county slam, doing time.

Make sure you go to the doctor too. As I mentioned before, men start to "break" at 50 and you need to pay attention to your health issues more closely. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong - but more often than not, there is. Women seem to last longer (and linger until death finds them in their late 90's).

LSP said...

Juliette, that's excellent advice and I intend to take it!

LSP said...

Congrats on the teeth, LL, and the canoe, which looks very useful.

Blue Fang is busy sharpening an already sharp titanium incisor and looking foercely at a Hillary For Jail poster. He doesn't need a dentist.

I check out the doc...

Brig said...

Teef are for city folk that don't have to chew on ol hides to soften them up, or have rocks in their oatmeal. Just kidding.
genetics have some to do with keeping ones teeth. I'm fanatical about cleanings, check ups, flossing etc. and still keep my dentist playing any golf course in the world...

Fredd said...

LL: men start to break at 50? I must be an outlyer, my first major break down came at age 28, when I blew out my knee playing army football. It's been all downhill ever since.

By the time I hit 50, I could boast of at least 10 major illnesses/injuries that I survived.

LL said...

Echoing what Fredd said, I've busted, twisted, and tweaked my body in my misspent youth. My orthopedic surgeon said this when I was 35, "If you wake up and nothing hurts, you're dead." But I can tell you that it hurts more at 60 than it did at 35. Having said that, there is the 50 barrier and I've seen it with a lot of men and have anecdotal stories, most that end tragically. Some catch problems. Most guys avoid going to the doctor and having their blood run, etc. every year.